Wow, it’s really happening :D

After some warm-up and work put on, I got accepted into the 2023 Google Summer of Code program with the X.Org organization.

What I’m Going to Do

The title of my project is “Increasing Code Coverage on the DRM Code”. The DRM subsystem is the standard way to interact with complex graphics devices.

It provides many global helpers for use inside the drivers. As these helpers are used by many drivers on the DRM subsystem, testing those functions for asserting that no regressions are made is crucial for kernel development.

Many units test were written for those helpers with the KUnit framework. But there is still much work to do. Running the Gcov code covering analysis tool, we see that just one file has 100% of code coverage. Knowing this, I will create more tests for the drm-format-helper.c. This file handles color format conversion.

Currently, the conversion functions can’t handle planar formats. Instead of having the color information packed in a single plane, those have their information separated into multiple planes. I pretend to add support for it by modifying the drm_fb_xfrm() function.

My Mentors

This Summer, I will be mentored by:

What I’m Doing Right Now

During this community bonding period, I’m reserving time to review patches on the dri-devel mailing list and read more about the DRM.

These are my reviews:

In parallel, I’m trying to add support for the NV12 format to the VKMS driver. This would be nice for testing userspace programs that contain framebuffers with video. This is turning out to be bigger than I thought, as I need to add support for planar formats there and make the format conversion in software. Stay tuned for blog posts on that too ;).

See ya! :)